6 things to consider when looking for a small business coach

#5 Not all small business coaches are the same (but in a good way)

1. Collaboration is key in small business coaching

There are many coaches who tell you what you should (ahem) do, based on what has worked for them, what sounds like a great idea on paper — or what works “right now”.

2. Your small business coach can bring a fresh perspective

When you work with anyone who’s an expert at what they do (like a designer, a coach, a strategist), you may not always get what you paid for. But in a good way.

3. A good business coach takes a holistic approach

It might be the psychologist in me, but I also think this is just common sense; it’s important that your coach sees you as a whole, not just as a business owner.

4. Solutions should be simple and practical

We Finns value practical, simple solutions that feel doable — and refining what you already have if it makes sense. Small shifts are usually easier to manage than sweeping overhauls, and can make a huge difference in how you feel.

5. Not all small business coaches are the same

Because there are so many small business coaches out there, my #1 recommendation is to pick one that’s specialized in supporting people who share your current biggest struggle.

6. Signing up for business coaching should feel mostly exciting

I’ve signed up for a handful of coaching or strategy offers over the years. In hindsight, I can recognize that every time I didn’t feel mostly excited to hand over my money, the service also didn’t yield the results I wanted and overall it felt like a bit of a waste of time and money.

Final thoughts on hiring a small business coach

When you pick a coach who can help you focus on what’s current for you, who will consider your situation holistically, and who works together with you to find solutions you can actually see yourself doing, you’ll spend your money intentionally and will hopefully see great results.

Want to be more productive ASAP?

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Jenna Hellberg

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