6 Benefits of a Digital Detox Weekend

Why I recommend taking a break from digital information

Jenna Hellberg
3 min readNov 18, 2020


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Over the past few months I’ve done a few digital detox weekends — and in those short spurts of time I’ve already noticed several benefits.

Before I get into the benefits I want to define what I mean by a digital detox weekend: I don’t consume any type of information or education digitally.

This means no YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, online articles, webinars or online courses. I’m free to consume analog information, I can look up instructions for something I need to do, and I don’t restrict my Instagram use — though I’ve noticed that when I’m not consuming information online I also spend less time on social media. (Benefit #7.)

I thought it would have felt more difficult to not feed my mind with wisdoms from inspiring humans — but the benefits far outweighed the momentary high of learning something new:

1. More original ideas

You know how all your best ideas come in the shower, where you aren’t distracted? When I take a break from feeding my mind with information, my own ideas are able to surface — even outside the shower.

2. More clarity

Because I’m not bombarded by information from everyone else, I free up space in my mind and give it time to process and organize thoughts.

3. More productivity

When I’m not busy consuming I have time to DO things.

4. More being

If I’m outdoors or if I’m with other people, it’s fairly easy for me to be present with the moment and with them. But in environments where I’m used to doing things, like at home which is where I work, it’s harder for me to just be.

“If I have time to just be I might as well do something useful.”

During digital detox weekends I can remind myself that Hey — you decided it was a good idea to take a break from it all, so take a break.

5. More creativity

When I’m not consuming information, I’m far more likely to create something or do something with my hands.

6. More contentment, less comparison

When I’m taking a break from the content other people have created, I’m not comparing my content to theirs. I’m not comparing where they are in their journey to mine. I feel more content with what I have and what I’m putting out in the world.

Because I’ve seen the benefits of digital detoxing just for a weekend per month, I have plans to expand the detox to a week per month.

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