10 ideas for a sustainable routine during lockdown

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Our usual habits and routines are triggered by certain things — like leaving the house for school or coming home from work.

Since we are living through an unusual time where the usual things aren’t happening, the usual habits and routines might also not be happening.

Having routines helps everyone in your home — including you — to know what to expect and to have a sense of normalcy and safety, so now is a good time to sit down and think about how you want your days to go, and what happens when.

I want to help you with some ideas to include in your routine as well as some ideas on what else can help carry you through your day.

#1 Give yourself a slow start in the morning

Stretch in bed, and give yourself time and peace to have a cup of something warm or to eat breakfast

#2 Write out what you want to do today

Kids might be running around, they might be asking for things — but make sure that you get just a couple minutes of time for this.

You might instead want to do this planning for the next day in the evening, especially if you have kids that wake up early and you have an easier time doing this when they’re asleep. That way you can quickly glance at your plan in the morning.

Remember to not expect too much of yourself and your family for the day — at least for me most things have seemed to be going at a slower pace than normal, especially in the first weeks of being at home

#3 make sure that the everyday important habits get done

For example if you usually brush your teeth before you head out the door, maybe the new rule is to brush them after breakfast. Of course if you still go outside every morning, that can be the trigger to brush teeth first.

#4 Set the mood for what it is you want to do that day

If you’re planning to get some work done, clear out your work space and really visualize yourself getting things done — and imagine it feeling easy.

If you’re planning for fun time with your family, think about how you want your family to feel — and allow yourself to feel that way, too

If you’re planning for quiet time, you might want to make things extra cozy and you could put on some calming music.

#5 Try to keep your phone away from your pocket

Find a spot to keep your phone for the majority of your day, so that you don’t pull it out of your pocket out of habit.

That way you aren’t constantly reminded of what’s going on out there, and you also won’t get side-tracked from what you’re doing as easily.

Our brains are wired to look for threats and danger — and if we keep scrolling the news right now, it’s the majority of we’ll see. We are not wired to stay in this constant state of fear though — and there is nowhere we can run from this situation — so it’s best to limit how much of the news and communication we let in.

#6 Remember to move your body and to go outside if you are able

Especially if you are working from home, schedule breaks or set phone alarms for these breaks, if this doesn’t come naturally to you.

It’s not necessarily about getting exercise, but movement is crucial for us humans. With being sheltered at home, there’s a high risk that we are sitting around more than we do in our regular day.

#7 Try to eat at regular times

This can be hard to remember again, if you are usually triggered to cook or to eat by things that aren’t happening right now — like a coworker coming by for your regular lunch.

#8 Try to get in some time for self care, or to have some alone time

You could use this time to journal about your day, to create something, or to read. In a pinch you can do these activities with your kids, too.

#9 Keep in touch

Talk to friends and family through video calls, keep in touch through messages. This is important not only for peace of mind, but because you might be used to seeing people throughout your day and suddenly not talking to anyone but your partner or kids or dog might feel extra isolating.

#10 Tips for before going to sleep

Do some neck stretches — loosen up those shoulders that might have gotten hunched from doing work on your couch or in another unusual position.

Have some water — it can be hard to remember if you’re used to carrying around a big bottle of water which you empty out during your work day.

If you notice you are in worry mode as you go to bed, get out of the bedroom and go to another room. Grab a notebook and write down all your worries before going back to bed. “Downloading” your thoughts onto paper can help your mind calm down before sleep — and it usually doesn’t take very long as the worries we have often are on repeat.

Some resources for you:

The Daily Download journaling sheet (no email signup required)

10 minute neck, shoulders and upper back tension relief | Yoga with Adriene

17 minute neck and shoulder relief | Yoga with Adriene

Sleep meditations | Calm

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Helping solo business owners be more productive and create work-life balance. Get my 4-step exercise to reduce your marketing tasks→ www.jennahellberg.com/guide

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Jenna Hellberg

Jenna Hellberg

Helping solo business owners be more productive and create work-life balance. Get my 4-step exercise to reduce your marketing tasks→ www.jennahellberg.com/guide

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